studio is a vital, collaborative firm whose process is founded in research and investigation of new ways to inhabit the urban fabric.

This method of working is informed by an aptitude for green technologies, collaboration and commitment to equity, climate adaptation, and reimagining our architecture for common good. We work with clients on all scales of buildings - both retrofit and new construction - and residential as well as commercial and public space projects.

Fete Nature Architecture, PLLC (FNA) offers architecture & design services from our growing office in Brooklyn, NY. Julie is licensed in NY, NJ, GA, PA, and WA. We are also LEED AP, and Certified Passive House Consultants, and NCARB certified.

The 3 pillars of our architecture practice:

Energy Performance & Passive House

FNA‘s Tighthouse project, the first certified Passive House in NYC (2012) which won a 2014 International Passive House Design Award in 2014 and an AIA NYC COTE Honorable Mention in 2015 launched us into a rigorous approach to hyper-efficient buildings. We have since designed dozens of projects both residential and commercial with passive house strategies and continue to expand this area of expertise.
Energy-modeling and sustainability are integrated into every phase of our work. We have built a practice that prioritizes good design and sustainability. We welcome other sustainable approaches and innovations such as renewable energy, urban farming, green roofs, living walls, and biophilic design. We are Passive House Design Consultants and LEED certified.
FNA founder Torres Moskovitz teaches workshops in Retrofitting and Decarbonizing our Buildings to architects and engineers at the AIA Center for Architecture and Environmental Technology at Syracuse University.

Climate Adaptation & Resiliency

Since Hurricane Sandy hit New York in the Fall of 2012, FNA has worked on resilient projects for the FEMA and NYC Build It Back (BIB) Program and subsequent resiliency commissions as we are faced with a great challenge of rising waters and more frequent flooding. Climate Adaptation includes future proofing of buildings, envisioning phased construction, and incorporating flood resiliency, passive house, and renewable energy. We work with clients from project planning and ideation through to construction.

Community & Social Justice

FNA works with community groups, artists, organized union member organizations, advocacy groups and non-profits on all phases of design projects. We engaging members in workshops and work as a team to help visualize projects of all scales including future large-scale site planning to exemplary building projects to temporary pop spaces and plazas. We have also worked on prototype spaces and visions for improved spaces that bring social and economic justice. Visit our projects on our website such as women vendors at the MTA, an exemplary food commissary, public safe vending spaces, artist popup spaces, a dance retreat, open streets with restaurants and vendors, etc.

As a Pratt Center Taconic Fellow, we worked side-by-side with Street Vendor Project for green street carts and we continue to be involved in several on-going projects with them. Through the Institute for Public Architecture fellowship we researched live/work for the workforce. And we continue to work to help nonprofits, impact investors, and community activists develop their programs and create welcoming and imaginative spaces for cultural event spaces.


Architecture is a collaboration.
Thank you to the following talented collaborators.

Olivia Knott
Geraldine Vargas
Karina Hernandez
Christian Nyariki Oanda
Mahalakshmi Sivakumar
Edson Wong
Dongqing Ye
Lucas Keefer
Amanda Waal
Esther Chang
Erika Schmitt
Caitlin Sylvain
Jade Yang
Maggie Kirk
Stella Lee
Laura Trevino
Dan Asoli
Meghan Grimes
Thomas Kuei
Eylul Wintermeyer
Micah Stroup
Michael Schissel
Sasha Plotnikova
George Louras
Natalya Egon
John Tubles
Karin Tehve
Elizabeth Emerson
Suzana Belletiere
Asli Erdem
Michael Brehmer
Ben Oschner
Viviana Wang
Bill Watson
Luis Gil
Wade Cotton
Minyoung Song
Kim Letven
Corey Yurkovich
Will Hayes
Sarah Ludington
Omar Toro-Vacca
Michael Vanreusel
Abigail Coover
Cara Solomon
Nik Malkmus
Pablo Souto
Melissa Cicetti
Angela Co
Xiaoyin Li
Vanessa Keith
Artisan's Group
Caroline Yeh

Select Awards


Taconic Fellow at Pratt Center collaborating with Street Vendors on greening city street carts and practices


Architizer A+ Awards Finalist for Unbuilt Residential Project


Fellow at Institute for Public Architecture - Topic: Live/Work for the Workforce. Collaborative research with Angela Co & Xiaolin Li


AIANY COTE Design Honorable Mention Award Tighthouse project-Passive House


International Passive House Design Award, Tighthouse project.


Passive House Institute Certification first NYC Passive House: Tighthouse project, Bkyn, NY


Inc Magazine World’s Coolest Offices Finalist, Small Offices Category Leading Edge, Branding Agency, NYC, NY


NY American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award Master Plan for East River State Park, collaboration design merged from 3 winning entrants


Total Housing: Apartments Award by Storefront for Art and Architecture, Architizer, and Actar Living Lab, Pratt Institute. Sustainable retrofit of a dormitory unit. Course and Build-out.


Michael Kalil Fellowship for Smart Design, Parsons, The New School for Design


NYC Green Building Award from City of New York and DEP Factory Conversion to Residence and Artist Studios, Bushwick-Bklyn, NY. Collaboration.


Winning Entry in Add Your Mark to the Waterfront Bottoms-Up Community- Sponsored Competition for masterplan of East River State Park, BKYN.


AIA Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant

Author & Contributor


Women Re Build Stories Polemics Futures. Published by Applied Research + Design Publishing. This book features 9 contributing authors. In Polemics section Author of “In Defense of Loft Law.”


Live Work for the Workforce. Published by Institute for Public Architecture, “Drawing from Loft Law” co- authored by Julie Torres Moskovitz, Angela Co, and Xiaoyin Li.


The Greenest Home; Superinsulated and Passive House Design. Published by Princeton Architectural Press. Author and researcher. This book features 18 recent Passive House residential case studies, introduces Passive House concepts, and includes technical data.