Energy Performance + Passive House
Energy Performance and Passive House FNA‘s Tighthouse project, the first certified Passive House in NYC (2012) which won a 2014 International Passive House Design Award in 2014 and an AIA NYC COTE Honorable Mention in 2015. We were determined to meet the passive house standard on this renovation and addition to an 1899 rowhouse and the building surpassed the retrofit standard and satisfied the new construction standard for passive house. We have since designed dozens of projects with passive house strategies and continue to expand this area of expertise. We welcome other sustainable approaches and innovations such as renewable energy, urban farming, green roofs, living walls, and biophilic design. FNA founder Torres Moskovitz wrote a book titled The Greenest Home published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2013 that included 18 passive house case studies and has continued to train, lecture, and share with a community in the construction industry that supports high performance and energy-efficiency. Energy-modeling and sustainability are integrated into every phase of our work. We have built a practice that priorities good design and sustainability.