Artist Foundation

Client: Private
Program: Art Foundation / Cultural
Location: East Village, NYC
Sq. FT: 16500 sf
Status: Schematic Study

Originally constructed in 1920 -1921 in the Neo-Classical style as a Con Edison substation, the building is located in the heart of the East Village historic district near Tompkins Square Park. The history of the building’s use as artist Walter de Maria’s working laboratory and his living space for decades, lends itself to an art gallery and exhibition space for this private foundation that will be open by appointment to the public. Defining the interior character of the building are the existing means of conveyance-two for humans and the other two for objects. An Escher-like steel and wire glass fire stair and a compact red sheet steel passenger elevator occupy opposite corners on the south end of the building. Remnants of the building’s previous incarnations, the block-and-tackle system and the second floor gantry contribute to the industrial and ”hands-on” feel of the building.
Our design, a collaboration between FNA and Studio Cicetti, provides for refurbishing the industrial space while adding featured areas for hanging and lighting art and sculpture.