East Atlanta Film

Client: Private
Program: Residential
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Sq. FT: 1,800 sf
Status: Design Development

We worked with an owner in Atlanta, Georgia to reimagine their current 1920s home into a passive house that takes advantage of the Southern sun at the rear façade.

We were most excited about the client’s vision for hosting community with movie screenings and conversations with film buff friends. The social and entertaining space features a big receiving room to showcase films and provide convivial gathering areas for eating home-cooked Korean food.

We collaborated with client Rachel Stubblefield on the design in what she determined would be an all-women team designing this project from architect through to builder and consultant team.

Perspectival Section
Front elevation of home from United Ave
Model View of Rear Facade

"Visual elements are, of course, the director’s job.” Park Chan-wook

Plan for different scenarios
Detail at kitchen area looking to film screening area beyond and wood screen at stair in foreground
Model of rear facade at night
Detail of skylight
Model featuring front facade and skylight above stair
Detail of planter area at half submerged floor that leads to rear yard
Night view
Detail of lower level and stairs to open area
Detail at rear facade screens