Live Work

Program: Live/Work Community
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Sq. FT: 8,000 sf
Status: Pending Loft Law Processes

We need large, out-of-the-box thinking to address both climate change prevention goals and the housing crisis. As pilot projects for large-scale renewables on roofs, these live/work buildings could establish the 21st century model of housing for young creatives and families. Projects like these could not only provide creative and entrepreneurial jobs for NYC residents, but they could also provide energy. The 24/7 communities in these Loft Law buildings, if dispersed naturally throughout the boroughs, could establish live/work nodes as a networked eco-system that could serve both as a resilient community hub and as a micro-energy provider for their respective neighborhoods. Currently, these industrial buildings blend in, but the more the city tears down and builds new, the rarer these buildings will become. Our interviews with tenants in 3 case study buildings provide a cross-section of the creative types living here, from artists to musicians, to food and tech industry workers, to teachers and professors.

Micro hubs for the community - 3 example loft law buildings with solar photovoltaic maximized. Large roof areas lend itself to solar power.
Industrial Business Zones (IBZs) overlaid with Loft Law buildings
Example loft law building in Brooklyn.