Client: Private
Program: Cultural/ Artist Collaboration
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Sq. FT: 1,200 sf
Status: Completed

This pop-up gallery in downtown Brooklyn, was designed to host a series of interactive events with the community on the topic of Menopause. It was the physical space for a virtual book project titled Menopause An Imperfect Primer by artist duo Nancy Nowacek and Sasha Davies. On a budget, we explored ideas for gathering with different levels of privacy from the street to the interior discussion group areas. We designed moveable display and helped to program the seating areas and display zones.

The gallery was temporarily located in a storefront space adjacent to classic Brooklyn dollar stores and money exchanges that are all now demolished to make room for a large scale apartment development. The city changes so quickly for real estate and often loses the character that made it appealing in the first place.

"Early on we are taught to handle many things about being a woman with discretion. This is understandable, as matters of the body are indeed personal; however, when we move beyond discretion into the realm of hiding things, we enter the territory of shame. In shame we not only feel bad, we also miss opportunities to help and support one another." from Menopause, An Imperfect Primer by Nancy Nowacek and Sasha Davies

Passerbys engage with the window of the Menopause popup gallery
Piece by artist Paola Citterio in window