Park Slope Passive House (2022)

Program: Residential
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Sq. FT: 4,000 sf
Status: Completed
Photography: Russ Ross

This 1899 Rowhouse was fully renovated with a new vertical addition and completed in 2012. Ten years later, here are images from 2022. The house, as a certified passive house, is home that uses very little energy but maintains a comfortable temperature indoors due to high-performance windows and doors, continuous insulation, and a heat recovery ventilation system. Photographs by Russ Ross. Tenth Anniversary of the first certified passive house in NYC.

Parlor floor looking toward street
Stair to new third floor which brings light to the core of the home via skylights above
Kitchen with windows to the rear yard
Front facade
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 2

"Given the large quantity of urban residences that need energy-saving retrofits, this unique brownstone project in New York will hopefully inspire many more." - Mark Elton, Jurist in International Passive House Design Competition (2014)

Primary bedroom on the new top floor
Garden level study room
Home gym
Recreation Room
Top floor primary bathroom with double shower
Skylight casting light into the primary bathroom with angled ceiling
garden-level bathroom with interior window over double-height recreation room
2nd floor bathroom with interior frosted glass window to stairwell to bring natural light
Rear facade
Double-height brick wall with new stair in dining area.
View of living area
Parlor level looking to kitchen area