Public Safe Vending Spaces

We are working with Dondi McKellar, a Veteran and Street Vendor, on his proposal with Street Vendor Project for a Public Safe Vending Space (PSVS) to be located in Hunts Point section of the Bronx. The idea of 'safe space' is derived from the fear and isolation that street vendors face as they are oftentimes harrassed by both gangs and law enforcement. The concept is to provide a vibrant yet safe space for a vendor to work during the daytime and an exemplary commissary to return their cart at night. The commissary is where shared kitchens, herbal roof gardens, trainings, and community events can enhance the work life of street vendors. Together, both the PSVS plaza and the commissary make for a 24/7 cycle of safety and community. This strategy is replicable through-out the city. PSVS are vibrant food hubs that allow for Street Vendors and artists to collaborate while the public enjoys street food in public plazas.