Starr Building Studio

Client: Private
Program: Cultural/ Mixed Use
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Sq. FT: 4,500 sf
Status: Completed

An intense collaborative process between the client, an artist/filmmaker, and the architects resulted in a design that not only addresses the spatial flexibility needed to accommodate artists, musicians, and filmmakers within an event space but also provides a private, urban space that flows between indoors and outdoors in the adjacent residential area. Our design employs "green" strategies including
(1) choice of materials with low environmental impact,
(2) energy efficiency of appliances, mechanical systems, and passive design systems, including a solar PV array and new courtyard,
(3) enhanced day-lighting, and
(4) design for flexibility, durability, and low maintenance.

Award: a 2005 NYC/DEP Green Apple Award and was featured in Wired Magazine.

Credits: FNA collaboration with Thread Collective. Photographs by Ofer Wolberger and Andreas Kornfield.
Environmental Consultant, Atelier Ten; Solar Power Consultant, Altpower, Inc. Plaster work by Field Decorative Finishes.