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FNA worked with an NYC Cooperative on a series of three buildings. FNA improved the public areas, provided new energy-efficient entry ways, and worked with the Coop on future sustainable priorities. Underhill Garden Coop is located on an NYC Open Streets in a lively neighborhood.


NYC Broadband Initiative

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Oblique of Credit Union and neighborhood context

Green roof along the elevated MTA line at Myrtle Ave in Bushwick, Bkyn

Writing postcards to local neighbors in our Election District (as a Dem County Committee member - I want to be sure everyone in my election district knows where to go to early vote!). And set up on the sidewalk - each Saturday - we are helping to write to encourage others to make a plan to vote and bring friends!

Grab-n-Go juices and fruit/veggie snacks - for MTA commuters in the Transit Hub at 74th and Roosevelt. Spaces for women vendors to work as small business people in a pilot program - collaboration with Street Vendor Project and Sen Jessica Ramos' office.

Different plan layouts for an environmental center that is flexible and can become an office, a gathering space, an exhibition space, a dj party,etc.

Women Vendors food popup near Bus turnaround at MTA Transit hub in Jackson Hts, QNS. Envisioned with Street Vendor Project and Sen Jessica Ramos' team as a pilot program.

Concourse Level of the Transit station at 74th and Roosevelt. We worked with Street Vendor Project and NY Sen Jessica Ramos' office to envision retail pilot programs for women vendors with the MTA.

Women vendors - grab-n-go comfort food at bus stop adjacent to MTA Transit Hub in Jackson Hts, QNS. We envisioned with Street Vendor Project and Sen Jessica Ramos' team.

Public Safe Vending Spaces - designed with Street Vendor Dondi McKellar for a prototype plaza in the Bronx