Client: Bonberi
Program: Commercial
Location: West Village, NYC
Sq. FT: 300 sf
Status: Completed

Bonberi Mart is a vegan 'grab-n-go' store in the West Village that opened in the summer of 2020. It is founded by wellness and nutrition expert and writer Nicole Berrie. Bonberi Mart is a home away from home and includes fresh organic and plant-based food and an apothecary with curated products. FNA worked with her to design a flagship store in this Landmarked building. We worked with the Bonberi team to balance display and stocking storage in a small space prioritizing customer traffic clear areas. And we developed behind the scenes efficient storage in the cellar. Bonberi Mart is an off-shoot of Bonberi which is a platform for events about food and lifestyle where guest interviews, recipes, interactions with clients, partners with brands and allies, and food and wellness products are introduced. Visit and follow their instagram @bonberimart and @bonberi. Health is Wealth is the motto of this refreshing vegan spot.

Photographs by Hai Zhang.

"Every day before anything else I drink at least 32 oz of green juice (kale, pineapple, celery, and ginger) or my Bonberi Green Smoothie. It's the foundation to my day, alkalizes my cells, hydrates, combats inflammation..oh and it makes me super happy." - Nicole Boneri, owner of vegan 'grab-n-go' store in West Village

"Health is Wealth" is repeated above the entry door